4 the Love of Dogs

Alex's House began as a small senior center/hospice for dogs. We continue to provide care for seniors and hospice dogs. Due to the cost and time committment, our limit is 5 dogs.

Alex's House expanded to include other "unwanted" dogs. This includes the large, the lab, the male, the middle age, and the mixed breed. Although there are dogs of every age, gender, breed, and size who need help, Alex's House does not base decisions on "quick turnover adoptions." If the dog is nice to humans and other dogs, Alex's House loves and accepts him or her.

Alex's House also provides emergency medical care for dogs in its care. This includes parvo treatment, heartworm treatment, orthopedic surgery, removal of masses. We consider our residents to be four-legged people.

Our 4 the Love of Dogs sponsors help provide for these long-term and special needs.


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